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This video is about interpreting the concept of the play The Misfits - Performed by Backa Teater. It's a way to start conversation - bringing forward the feeling of being a misfit, by choice or not, and to question the structures in society which forces many in the place of exclusion.


We all feel or act in the role of the Misfit at some point, especially in our childhood. But at the same time we are facing it more or less through out our entire lives in one way or the other. - To not fit in due to family situations, interests, sexual orientation, appearance, ethnicity, social characteristics, body, education, financial situation, taste... etc...


My aim with this video is to portray - in a symbolic way, how I interpret the concept of Misfits and the play that Backa Teater performs. I want to evoke the thought of WHO’s really the misfit, WHERE we are or feel like misfits ourselves and HOW the misfit is created; by society and structures.


It’s about empathy, solidarity, and to define the forces that limits our space to breath and be who we truly are.


The answers to these questions only you know and can act upon.

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