Backa Entrancé

Client: Backa Teater, Gothenburg

Task: Changing the entrance of Backa Teater

Fictional Student Project HDK, 2016

Lina Schnaufer

Arsenij Kotlarius

Yehwan Song


"Backa Theatre are continuously gathering material and doing interviews which their plays are based upon." - Backa Teater VS. Reality 


The aim for the project was to remake or make an impact to the existing entrance of Backa Teater in Gothenburg. 

We wanted to simplify and at the same time make Backas' research more accessible and visible to the public. To let the audience contribute and take part of other peoples stories and views on the theme of the running play. 


We thought it would be beneficial for Backa to make their process more visible. That could in return strengthen the relation between Backa Teater and the young people of Gothenburg and lead to more cooperation and contributions of stories. The visualized stories can also work as “advertisement” for the plays.

Animation Yehwan Song

Illustrations Lina Schnaufer

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